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Dorm Room DIY


Are you getting tired of looking at those ugly dorm room walls yet? Need a study break? We thought so! Dorm décor can get expensive so let’s get crafty! Pinterest is great for DIY projects and it inspired our summer intern Meghan (we miss you!!) to make some really adorable crafts for her dorm, some of which cost NO MONEY AT ALL. We are going to share three of our favorite dorm room DIY projects that Meghan whipped up and how she made them. Enjoy! Glitter Chevron Initials – Cost: About $10 What you’ll need: • Wooden/cardboard letters from your local craft store • Craft paint in your choice of color • Sponge paint brushes • Sharpie • Glitter (optional) How to make them: Start by drawing the chevron pattern on the letters with your sharpie. The paint covers up even black sharpie so don’t worry about it bleeding through. Once you’ve drawn on the chevron, use your sponge brushes to paint in the pattern with your alternating paint colors. Meghan used silver and mint (having a mint obsession is a requirement for working at bloom), but you can use as many colors as you want! While the paint is still wet, gently sprinkle glitter on color of your choice. Meghan covered the silver area of the chevron with silver glitter, and it turned out great! Allow the paint/glitter to dry, and you’ve got some awesome initials to hang on your dorm room wall! Paper Cut-Out Wall Quotes – Cost: Depends on material used What you’ll need: • Old magazine or patterned scrapbook paper • Scissors • Sharpie How to make them: Once you’ve picked the quote/lyric you want to use, count how many letters are in the saying and, from that, select the number of magazine pages and/or scrapbook paper you’ll need. Next, using your sharpie, draw bubble letter shapes onto the paper and cut them out one by one. Once all of the letters have been cut out, arrange them into your quote and hang them on your wall to enjoy! Paint Sample Wall Decals – Cost: FREE!!!! What you’ll need: • Paint samples in an array of colors from your local hardware store How to make them: Using your new collection of paint samples cut them into the shape of your choice (Meghan used butterflies). Once cut, hang them on your wall and admire the amazingness you just created. You can find examples of all three DIY projects on Pinterest for further reference. Happy crafting!!! ☺

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