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The Things You Didn't Think You Needed to Pack for College

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As much as we don’t want to admit it, Summer is slowly coming to a close. Our Summer intern Meghan is about to begin her first year as an RA (Resident Assistant) at her university, which entails moving into her dorm room for training three weeks before the residents even get there! Since the countdown to the big move in day has finally transitioned into single digits, it’s time to start preparing! Move in day can be seen as somewhat stressful to some college students, especially incoming freshman, so being well prepared makes the process much easier. We figured since Meghan’s move in day is a little earlier this year, we’d use that as an opportunity to compile a list of must-haves for those of you who still have some time to get ready! This is a very special list, a list of things many tend to neglect but quickly find to be the most important and useful. It is (drum roll) the list of things you didn’t think you needed to pack for college! We hope the blog title didn't give that away ;) The items on this list may seem menial at first glance, but once move in day hits, they may become the most important inanimate objects you will ever come in contact with. Here they are: • Scissors, scissors, scissors! – A handy pair of scissors is your best friend on move in day. Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when you load all of your stuff into your empty dorm room and realize you have absolutely no way of opening your desk lamp that was seemingly packaged by ninjas. • Poster Putty – This ingenious substance is the perfect way to hang posters, pictures, etc. the walls of your dorm room. Most dorms have rules against hanging items with push pins and sometimes even tape, so putty is always the way to go. • Command Strips – Command Strips are also a great alternative for hanging stuff on your walls without causing damage. They’re perfect for hanging and mounting heavier objects such as canvases and jewelry. They also make awesome key and coat racks! • Bed Risers – Maximizing the storage space under your dorm bed is always super important, especially if you're clothes hoarders like us. Even though most dorm beds have height settings, bed risers are still a must-have. Under-bed storage space is perfect for storing out-of-season clothing and also helps de-clutter the rest of your room, which is very important since we all know dorm rooms are never all that spacious to begin with. • Brita Pitcher – Brita pitchers are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after dorm must-haves, and for a good reason. These pitchers have tiny replaceable filters built-in that save you from making tea, coffee, and Easy Mac with tap water. These environmentally friendly pitchers cut down on plastic water bottle usage as well as the money you'd waste buying them! • Microwaveable Popcorn – Need we say more? It’s the ultimate money-saver when you’re hungry but don’t feel like suffering through the questionable meat being served for dinner at the dining hall. It’s also very filling and a lot healthier than those potato chips in the common room vending machine. Also – it’s all Madonna ate while living in NYC in the ‘80’s as a struggling dancer, so it’s pretty legit. • Hot Sauce – Hot sauce is the super hero of condiments. It literally makes everything taste better, and is sold in a variety of flavors and heat levels. It also makes Ramen a little more bearable. You could even splash some on your popcorn if you’re feeling adventurous. • Pepper Spray – College is meant to be the best years of a young person’s life, but being safe while having fun is very important. Keeping a portable can of pepper spray on your key ring is always a very smart thing to do, especially when you have night classes or are out and about on a Friday night. • Clorox Wipes – These bad boys are our jam! They can be used to clean virtually any type of surface. They work for your TV screen, desktop, and pretty much everything in the bathroom as well. Now that we’ve enlightened you on some of Meghan’s dorm room must-haves, we hope we’ve at least made the packing process just a little bit easier for you all. Good luck and have so much fun!

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