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Our First Blog Post :) A Note from Kaylyn & Michelle


Hello world!!! We are so excited to finally have our bloom blog up and running :) We wanted to kick off the blog with the story of bloom, what it means to us and our vision for the future of the brand. bloom daily planners began as a small seed we planted that has since grown into something greater than either of us could have ever imagined! We have both used and loved planners all of our lives. We understand that a planner is more than just a planner - it's a diary of your past and a stepping stone to your future. There is true power in putting your dreams and goals down onto paper, and there always will be. It is through prioritizing and organizing your tasks and goals that you plant the seeds of your future and give yourself the opportunity to flourish and grow. We have designed bloom planners to appeal to everyone, from Middle Schoolers to Moms. With cover designs as diverse as the fabulous women who use them, spacious layouts and inspirational features, our aim is to make staying organized trendy and fun. The flower we chose for our logo is a daisy. Daisies are a sign of purity and symbolize new beginnings. Every year is a new opportunity to learn and grow, and to bloom into an even more fabulous version of yourself! bloom has been doing a lot of growing itself over the past few years. From doubling our planner cover selection to expanding our product line, new inspiration is budding every day! We thrive on suggestions from our customers, so if you have any feedback, please contact us! We plan to grow together. Just like we planted the seed for bloom just a few short years ago, we want our customers to plant their own seeds, because even the biggest dreams start off as the smallest sparks of imagination. We hope to use our planners (and this blog!!!) as a vehicle to inspire and encourage women around to world to accomplish their dreams. Never stop dreaming, never stop blooming! Sincerely, Kaylyn Minix & Michelle Trincia Co-Creators of bloom daily planners CAMEX Picture

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